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best arabic book stores

What are the best websites and shops to buy Arabic books?

What are the best book shops for buying Arabic books online? Over the years, I have used many book stores online. Here are my recommendations.

Last updated: 4 months ago

Whether you hate or love it: if you want to buy Arabic books, Amazon is not the best place. There are many specialized online booksellers for Arabic books – novels in Arabic, Islamic books, book on Arabic grammar, etc.

Over the years, I have used many of them to fill my personal library. I would like to tell you about my experiences, so you may save yourself the hassle. Here are some recommendations.

Some shops are based in the EU or in the USA, others ship directly from the Middle East.

Dar al-Salam, Egypt

Dar Al-Salam egypt books

If you are looking for a book that is out of print at many stores, try Dar al-Salam. They have almost every Arabic book in their warehouse.

They ship with EMS (Express Mail Service) and provide you with a tracking number. Payment can be done via Western Union or Money Gram in US-Dollars. Once you have completed your order, they usually email you with a special offer (discount and shipping costs) and tell you the banking account number (SWIFT transfer).

If you have troubles sending the money via Western Union, try the TranserWise (low fees, fast, reliable).


  • Shipping is expensive
  • Usually you don't get the best deals (prices) – although you may get a discount (5 to 10 %)
  • Website is only in Arabic (except for completing your order – there you can opt for English


  • Payment cannot be made via Paypal or credit card.
  • They recently launched a new website which is a bit slow. If you cannot find your book, just email them. I would recommend writing the email in Arabic.


  • Delivery time: Fast – usually around 7 working-days to Germany
  • Costs (for 2 books including shipping, dealing with customs, handling): you will usually end up paying around 40 USD.
  • Web: http://www.daralsalam.com
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Note: I only communicated in Arabic with them. But I am sure they will also respond in English

ArabicBookshop, Lebanon


If you are looking for books printed in Lebanon, this is a good place to look for.  Their warehouse is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Very user-friendly, good customer support. However, Lebanon is a tough place to get stuff out of the country (similar to Egypt).

Thus, shipping costs and a so-called handling fee are high. They usually ship with DHL (pretty fast but also pretty expensive; tracking number).


  • Excellent customer support – in English
  • Good and fast website
  • If there is a problem, they send you back the money instantly without any hassle.


  • High shipping/handling costs


  • Delivery time: Very fast – 5 to 7 days to Germany
  • Costs (for 2 books including shipping, dealing with customs, handling): you will usually end up paying around 50 USD.
  • Web: https://www.arabicbookshop.net

Neelwafurat, Lebanon and Egypt

neelwafurat arabic book store

This is probably the best first choice if you are looking for a particular book. They have a great selection of books, also older ones.

They ship with DHL and provide a tracking number.

Payment can be done via credit card (secure connection!) which is pretty convenient.


  • Great selection
  • Ship worldwide using DHL
  • Secure payment (credit card)


  • Shipping is expensive
  • Usually you don't get the best deals (prices) – although you may get a discount (5 to 10 %)
  • Website is only in Arabic (except for completing your order – there you can opt for English


  • Delivery time: Fast – usually around 7 working-days to Germany
  • Costs (for 2 books including shipping, dealing with customs, handling): you will usually end up paying around 70 USD.
  • Web: http://www.neelwafurat.com
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Sifatu Safwa, Ireland


If you live in the EU, that is a great place to order Arabic and Islamic books. They offer some classics of Arabic grammar and dictionaries.

Especially if you are interested in works written by Salafi authors, you will find good offers. Be prepared that they don't offer Islamic books written by liberal thinkers and authors.

Very reliable, quick service plus good offers. Delivery is fast and cheap (including tracking number).

Check out their discounts (mainly during Islamic holidays such as , etc.)


  • Shipping costs are very low (but nonetheless very reliable – for Germany, the carrier is GLS)
  • Really fast
  • Payment can be made via Paypal or credit card
  • English and French-speaking support


  • Relatively narrow selection regarding Arabic . But to be fair, I wouldn't count that as a negative thing. It is just that they mainly focus on (Salafi) Islamic books.


  • Delivery time: Very fast – 3 to 5 days to Germany
  • Costs (for 2 books including shipping): you will usually end up paying around 20 USD. (Note: I paid in Euros).
  • Web: https://www.sifatusafwa.com

al-Maktabah, Beirut, Lebanon

almaktabah 1160x788 jpg
What are the best websites and shops to buy Arabic books? 21

Al-Maktabah is in its 25th year of operation and specializes in providing customers with books on Arabic, and the Middle East. They supply books from publishers in Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Cairo, the and Saudi Arabia.


  • Orders can also be placed via WhatsApp: +96176527822
  • You can search in English an Arabic
  • English speaking support
  • Deliveries are made by EMS, Aramex and DHL. They use air and sea freight for large orders depending on weight.
  • Shipping costs are reasonable


  • Website is a little bit outdated
  • Prices are sometimes a bit higher compared to other shops
  • In Europe, you have to pay customs. If they ship books with Aramex, then you have to know that Aramex, at least in Germany, works with third-party companies to deal with the custom's office. They charge around 30 Euros for this service PLUS custom fees.


al-Manhal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

al manhal arabic book shop

They have a great variety of Arabic books (literature!) available.

And it is a good place if you still don't feel comfortable to deal with people in Arabic – because their site is available in English and their service agents speak English.


  • Good website (in English) – you can even search in English and also get results for Arabic books
  • You can easily track your package
  • Many payment options – even bitcoins!
  • Great and very friendly (English speaking) support
  • Delivery worldwide (by Aramex)


  • They don't offer too many books on Arabic grammar (mostly contemporary literature and some classics)
  • In general, prices are a bit higher
  • Shipping costs may be high.
  • You cannot place your order directly if you live in Europe. You should email them.
  • In Europe, you have to pay customs. Al Manhal ships books with Aramex. Aramex, at least in Germany, works with third-party companies to deal with the custom's office. They charge around 30 Euros for this service PLUS custom fees.


  • Delivery time: Around a week to Germany.
  • Shipping costs (for 2 books, destination Germany): 25 USD.
  • Customs in Germany for three books (value around 30 Dollars) : 7 Euros. Plus fee for the company that does the declaration. In total: 37 Euros.
  • For three books you are likely to pay 90 Euros at the end.
  • Web: http://store.almanhal.com

alkutub (Hans Schiler), Germany

al-kutub buchladen arabisch

If you live in Germany, this is the best place to buy Arabic books.

The owner is fluent in Arabic and very helpful.

He entertains an excellent contact network through the Arab world. If you can't find a book, you should try to ask Hans Schiler.


  • Usually FREE SHIPPING (!) for Germany and reasonable rates for other countries.
  • Website is in German, English, and French!
  • Great selection
  • Very helpful shop owner
  • Payment by credit card


  • Limited search options on the website
  • Prices may be a bit higher than in the Arab world (but don't forget: shipping is MUCH cheaper and more reliable)


Disclaimer:  Note that I don't get commission or whatsoever from the above mentioned book stores.

Remark: If readers from the USA (and outside Europe) have bought books at one of the mentioned shops, please let me know about the shipping costs and I will add them. Shipping costs on this page are based on a delivery to Germany. Furthermore, the calculation is based on two “standard” paperback books. Usually, books are much cheaper in the Arab world. It is mainly about getting them out of the country…

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Pictures: Gerald Drißner; Pixabay (Tanim Mahbub)

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Islamic Best Arabic Books

Islamic Best Arabic Books for Arabic Dawateislami
المكتبة الاسلامية

1 year ago

Best Arabic Books for Arabic Dawateislami

Usamah L.
Usamah L.
3 years ago

I’m located in the United States (Southwest region) and I’ve purchased several books from SifatuSafwa on four (4) different occasions. Each order was over 4kgs and the shipping was always $27.90 (USD) for UPS Worldwide Saver. Orders were shipped immediately and received within 3 business days…all the way from Ireland! Books were nicely packaged and individually wrapped in plastic. I couldn’t be happier with their service and selection.

4 years ago

Another nice user friendly website with great service out of the UK is http://www.arabicbookslondon.com. Website language is in English too and titles have both Arabic and English.

4 years ago

I have been using “al-Manhal” for the past 3 years . They are very profissional with amazing service . They also provide bookshelf ready if you are ordering for your library . I used them in the U.S and Canada.

4 years ago

A great option me and my family use is https://catchofthedaybooks.com. primarily for the USA since they are located in California but they ship worldwide. They have a huge selection of Arabic Books, School Curriculums etc etc. They also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75 anywhere in the USA which is great.

4 years ago

hi, can you please advise me how to sell rare islamic arabic books. my father has about 600 old arabic books now he is unable to read, also i unfortunately can not understand arabic. books are from 1920 to 1978 mainly philosophy and quran and hadees.

i live in uk but the books are in pakistan

any advise will be highly appreciating
my email is [email protected]

Dina Elabd
Dina Elabd
4 years ago

A great service for Arabic children’s books is http://www.arabicbookamonth.com primarily for the USA. It offers subscriptions for children’s books for Arabic speaking parents wanting to teach their children Arabic in a fun way using good quality books!

Jacob West
Jacob West
5 years ago

I like https://www.jarirbooksusa.com/ I’ve been to their actual store in California, but when I don’t want to drive for 10 hours, I use their website.

5 years ago

for south east asia and Indonesia typically, this store has great collection especially for arabic islamic kutub


5 years ago

Very useful post. I’m in the US and use alkitab.com – shipping within the US is usps, so two books costs with shipping costs me about $35.

I also use Amazon in the US- the number of arabic language books seems to have increased every time I look, and it’s an easy and cheap way to get fiction bestsellers. However, search function is pretty bad/ there’s no telling if the book will have been listed in Arabic script or English characters. I use Amazon more for browsing and just buy whatever looks interesting. Amazon pricing is the cheapest, since many books are now available with free prime shipping.

Graeme Andrews
Graeme Andrews
5 years ago

I use Jamalon (based in Jordan).

They have an English website and do free shipping on orders over 20USD (using standard international carriers).

I’ve never had any problems (I’m in the UK). Confirmation emails etc are in Arabic.

web: https://jamalon.com/en

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