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Let’s take a look at what could cause problems...

Did you get a red light?

You landed here, not by coincidence. It looks like you are using a browser (e.g., Brave) or add-on (e.g., I don’t care about cookies) that is blocking some important stuff for the operation of my website.

If you want to enjoy this website, you need to WHITELIST Arabic for Nerds or become a member of Arabic for Nerds+ (then you can keep all your tools and add-ons on).

There are several reasons why you may block scripts and cookies. Usually, they are related to extensions or add-ons or settings. Let’s try some things.


This often solves the issue. Open the Privacy Consent Banner and press the BUTTON ACCEPT for accessing Arabic for Nerds with ads. Alternatively, you can become an Arabic for Nerds+ member and enjoy an ad-free and privacy-friendly experience.

Press “ACCEPT ALLOW” to fix issues

NOTICE: If you do not see an image but only some text, then you need to allow ads and cookies for this site (“whitelist”).

  • If you do not see the yellow button “QUICK FIX: CLICK ACCEPT” above or
  • nothing happens when you press the yellow button or
  • ou do not see an image but only some small text

…then you almost certainly need to disable (“whitelist) one of the following tools to access this website!

Try one of the following solutions:

Disable Ad-Blockers or Privacy Tools

  • I (still) don’t care about cookies: You need to deactivate the browser add-on on arabic-for-nerds.com
  • AdBlock Plus: Click “Enabled on this site”  or “Disable on arabic-for-nerds.com”. Refresh the page by pressing the F5-key on Windows or Linux or – if you are an Apple user, try this: Hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • Ghostery: Click “trust site”. Refresh the page (see above). Older versions below 6.0:  click “white-list site”. You will see the message “site is white-listed”. Click “reload the page to see your changes”.
  • uBlock and uBlock Origin: Click the big blue “Power” icon or on the “shield” symbol. Refresh the page.
  • Firefox: Usually it helps if you just click on the “shield”-symbol next to the URL bar. You can then deactivate the shields for this site. If you use custom blocking in Firefox, the selections “Trackers” with “In all windows” will block ads. Please uncheck these settings to view content.
  • Privacy Badger: Please select “deactivate for this site”.
  • VPN: You may have to disable some kind of cyber protection (e.g., Nordvpn, Linux: sudo nordvpn set cybersec disable) or Surfshark’s cleanweb.

Do not forget to refresh the page in your browser, e.g. by pressing the F5 key in Windows or Linux.

Don’t use a privacy/incognito tab

Normally this should not cause any problems. But if you have opened an incognito/privacy window, try to open the website in a normal browser window.

Enable Cookies

Follow the corresponding link below to enable cookies:

Do not forget to refresh the page in your browser, e.g. by pressing the F5 key in Windows or Linux.

Turn on Java Script

To turn on JavaScript, please make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of your web browser, then follow the corresponding link below:

Do not forget to refresh the page in your browser, e.g. by pressing the F5 key in Windows or Linux.

Allow popups

Some browsers also block pop-ups. You must allow popups for this website. Don’t worry, the only popup you will see is the cookie consent or a login window.

Do not forget to refresh the page in your browser, e.g. by pressing the F5 key in Windows or Linux.

If none of this has helped, please send me a message and briefly describe your setup (computer, browser, add-ons). We will find a solution.