9273 roots

20 Questions for people passionate about Arabic

Lisan al-‘Arab (لِسان الْعَرَب), the famous dictionary of Classical Arabic, contains 9273 roots (and 4,493.934 words). A huge playground for people who are passionate about Arabic. In the series 9273 roots, I will interview people who teach, work with or simply love Arabic – people with dedication and passion for Arabic.

Each person is unique in a certain way. They will come from different parts of life and from all parts of the world, ranging from teachers, diplomats, journalists, language nerds, translators as well as more experienced and established experts. I will ask them the same 20 questions.

So far the following people have been interviewed:

20 questions for: Sami Morcos (#23)

Episode #23 of “9273 roots”: An interview with Sami Morcos – the man who created a great website that converts any number into Arabic text.

20 questions for: Nesrin Amin (#22)

Episode #22 of my series “9273 roots”: 20 questions for the woman who explains Egyptian Arabic expressions by annotated movie clips: Nesrin Amin.

20 questions for: Daniel Falk (#19)

Episode #19 of my series “9273 roots”: 20 questions for the the man who masters simultaneous Arabic – German interpreting: Dr. Daniel Falk