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How do you watch Netflix with Arabic subtitles?

You can watch Netflix with Arabic subtitles with the help of an extension called Super Netflix.

Last updated: 1 year ago

TRY THIS FIRST: With a small trick applied to your account settings on , you can get quite many Arabic here is how it works.

If you have tried many tricks to add Arabic subtitles on Netflix and nothing worked for you, you should read on…

One of the big advantages of internet streaming is clearly its flexibility. Not only that you can choose when and where and what you want to see; you can also adjust the audio, namely, the language.

I like watching Netflix with subtitles to expand my foreign language skills. Unfortunately, however, there aren't many Arabic subtitles available. But there is a nice solution to fix it as we will now examine.

You are lucky: Netflix offers it

If you are lucky, Netflix offers Arabic subs in your country. You can check if there is Arabic audio/subtitles available by clicking on this link:  http://www.netflix.com/browse/audio/AR/

A work-around: the extension OpenSubtitles

This always works not matter where you live. It is completely free and legal.

You need to use Chrome as a browser and follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download the extension OpenSubtitles from the Chrome Webstore

Click HERE to download it for free!

open subtitles
picture credit: screenshot chrome store

STEP 2: Register an account with opensubtitles.org

It is for free. Once you have registered and activated your account, you are almost done. Register here:

STEP 3: Go to netflix.com

Go to netflix.com and click on the OpenSubtitles in your Chrome panel. You can now add your account – and start searching for subs.

The easiest way is to search for the “current torrent”.

If the language is not available, you can try to download it elsewhere. For example, try to look for it on www.subflicks.com

STEP 4: Done. Enjoy watching Netflix with Arabic.

How do you watch Netflix with Arabic subtitles? 11

For many (I'd say almost all popular TV series) there are ARABIC subtitles available on subflicks.com:

  • Breaking Bad
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Stranger Things
  • Fargo
  • How to get away with murder

By the way – this also works for other languages such as , Russian, or Mandarin Chinese.

Do you know any better justification for binge-watching than saying that you are actually studying Arabic? ;-)

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Mina Wesselink
Mina Wesselink
5 years ago


Compliments for this fantastic website!

I was curious if there are Arabic series available, which offer Arabic subtitles with it. For example, my favorite show is سجن النساء, yet understanding every word as a Dutch native is hard! I reckoned that hearing and reading the text would help a lot in my progress. Any idea?


5 years ago
Reply to  Mina Wesselink

I doubt you’ll find that, as almost all Arabic productions don’t care for the subtitles, and also, the production is usually in a local dialect, not the standard Arabic (fus’ha)…

Mahboob Ridha
Mahboob Ridha
5 years ago

You can also watch Hindi movies & series with Arabic subs free.

Here is the Link:

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