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How to adjust the size of the Arabic font on your mobile browser

Reading Arabic on a mobile phone can be difficult because the script is too small. The open-source browser Kiwi solves that.

Last updated: 1 year ago

A few days ago, I got an email from a reader in the United States. Korki asked me about ways to adjust the Arabic font on Chrome for Android.

I had previously written an article that explains how to adjust the Arabic font on Chrome and other browser – but that only works on desktop computers.

But there is a solution – thanks to a great open-source browser called Kiwi.

How to adjust the Arabic font on Android

Here is a step-by-step guide to adjust the Arabic font on Android mobile phones.

Download Kiwi browser

Kiwi Browser Google Play Store
screenshot Store

Download it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiwibrowser.browser

Install Huruf or Wudooh extension

  1. Open the Kiwi Browser.
  2. On the right you will see the three vertical /hamburger menu.
  3. Open it and click on .
  4. You will now see: kiwi://extensions
  5. Click on “You can find extensions on Google”
  6. Search for Huruf or Wudooh – and install it
Kiwi Huruf browser arabic

Adjust the font size and font type

If you click on details on the extension Huruf, you will see at the end that you can adjust the options and settings.

Huruf adjust size Arabic
screenshot extions Huruf on Browser KIWI

That's it – it should work now.

See the difference – Kiwi plus Huruf / Wudooh works

Kiwi is not only an excellent, fast and stable browser for your Android mobile phone. If you read Arabic texts, Kiwi will make your life easier. Let us check the results.

The following two screenshots were made on the same device with the same standard zoom and settings.

On the left you see for Android. On the right you see the same text on Kiwi browser for Android.

Another example – a Bing search in Arabic on Kiwi browser.

example google search
screenshot kiwi browser

What is Kiwi browser?

Kiwi is based on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that powers the most popular browser in the world so you won't lose your habits.

There is one big advantage over Chrome on mobile phones: you can install CHROME extensions on Kiwi. In other words, you can install Huruf – the very useful extension by Jackson Petty which allows adjusting the size and type of the Arabic font your browser uses to display Arabic script.

Pros and Cons of Kiwi

It is developed by a company called Geometry OU which is based in Tallinn in Estonia in Europe.

Browse in peace.

Founders of KIWI browser
  • Based on the very best Chromium
  • Incredible page load speed – thanks to our very optimized rendering engine, we can display web pages super fast.
  • Powerful ad block that removes most of intrusive ads (you can enable it in Settings, Ads or use any extension of your choice)
  • Super strong pop-ups blocker that really works
  • Cryptojacking protection: The first Android browser that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency
  • NO Chrome Sync: Google doesn't allow Chrome Sync to be used by third-party browser. Furthermore, the developers actually do not wanna offer this service anyway: Google Sync sends your full history, bookmarks and passwords to servers which is totally not cool. 

Is there a solution for the iPhone?

I have not found a way to adjust Arabic fonts on the iphone's browser. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know or share it as a comment below. I appreciate it.

Other useful tools for working with Arabic:

Picture credit: Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

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Badrul Aini Sha'ari
Badrul Aini Sha'ari
4 years ago

Hi Gerald.

I found another Chrome extension that says that it is the successor to Jackson Petty’s Huruf.

I’m trying it now and Wudooh seems a better alternative to Huruf.


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