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Now available: e-book of Arabic for Nerds 2

Many readers have asked me about an electronic version of Arabic for Nerds 2 – because the book is too large and heavy to carry around. It is out now!

Last updated: 10 months ago

You can get the ebook edition on amazon! You need the Amazon Kindle reader to buy the book. You can read it on your tablet, phone or desktop computer.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

I hope that this will be beneficial for many readers as they were complaining about the size and weight of the book.

Furthermore, I have fully revised the entire first edition. It is available as a paperback or hard cover edition. You can get it on amazon or your preferred bookseller.

ebook a4n2
Now available: e-book of Arabic for Nerds 2 9

ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 will improve your understanding of written Arabic texts dramatically. It helps you to achieve your final goal: the superior level (C2).

Have you been in the following situation? You know every single word in an Arabic sentence, but you don't have a clue what the sentence is all about? The painful reason is: you don't understand the grammar.

This book aims to transform grammar, a subject that is hated by many people, into an understandable and enjoyable subject. This is not another boring grammar book.

ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 will teach you in an entertaining way how to dissect a sentence, how to identify the function of letters, words, and syntax – in short: the I'rab (إِعْراب).  The author has compiled 450 interesting questions that mainly deal with Arabic grammar(النَّحْوُ).

Imagine pushing entire sentences into an MRI machine. After we have examined the structure, we put single words under a microscope. Eventually we will know how sentences work or why they don't work.

This book is thoughtfully structured to guide you through

  • the jungle of case endings
  • playing with word order
  • understanding fine points of Classical and Modern Standard Arabic,
  • and how to avoid common mistakes.

ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 is a grammar compendium. It gives you all the tools that you need to properly analyze any Arabic sentence – no matter if it is taken from a children's book or the Holy Qur'an.

Every Arabic sentence is fully vowelled (تَشْكِيل) and translated into English. It is specifically intended for advanced learners.

December  2019, 828 pages
First published: August 2018

  • 99 US-Dollars / 26.99 € / £ 21.99 / Hardcover: 29.99 $
  • ISBN-13 (paperback edition): 978-3-9819848-0-4
  • ISBN-13 (hardcover edition): 978-3-9819848-1-1

Available at amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your preferred bookshop (just use the ISBN or the name “Arabic for Nerds 2” to get it).

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

In order to get a better idea of the book, you can check the “Look Inside!”-feature on amazon or have a look at the contents here.

What readers say about it

Hameed: Must have books – Arabic for Nerds 1 & 2

Many books have been written on learning and Language by orientalists since the early 19th century for English speaking people. Many books have been written by native speakers too but none have succeeded in explaining the nitty- gritty of the language in away that will encourage a student to learn a challenging language like Arabic. I have been learning Arabic for some time and in my search for books i found Arabic for nerds book 1 which i bought from Amazon and read it from cover to cover.

When i finished it i heard about the 800 odd pages book 2 which i immediately bought. Having used both the books i wish to advise all aspiring students who are trying to learn Arabic Language to place your hands on these books. You will find answers you will never find in any other books on the subject on this planet. I am serious. I recommend these books very much that is why i spent time writing a review.

Yamani: A ‘go to' book for learners of Arabic. Indispensable.

A cornucopia of Arabic grammar terms you will not find any Standard Arabic Grammar book very clearly explained. It is about I'raab or understanding the shape and function of each word in an Arabic sentence. With the knowledge of I'raab and widely available vocabularies of the Quran, you will read the Quran without the need of a translation. A companion website poses 20 Questions to prominent Arabs and non-Arabs involved in Arabic either authors, diplomats and celebrities about their experience with Arabic. Excellent contribution making you ask for more.

Adrisman Yunus: A great book to help you with I'raab (Arabic Grammar Analysis)

Learning grammar for any language normally is boring, but this book really changed my mind. I really enjoyed studying Arabic grammar through this book. The author used Q&A method to teach you anything you want to know with Arabic Grammar. I studied and read a lot of Arabic , but I never found any book which taught you how to read I'raab (Arabic grammar analysis), but this book does.

Ali B: Must have!!! Comprehensive book and much easier than to read than Traditional works!

Must have for any student learning Arabic! Most grammar books widely used like Hidayatun, Sharh Qatar an Nada can be difficulty for the new learner and technical. This book is written in simple English and will definitely assist you in learning Arabic. As a student of Arabic (Fusha) for many years, I would strongly recommend

Richard H: Excellent grammar companion for advanced learners

This is a formidable achievement by Gerald, who has comprehensively covered a multitude of questions of grammar that the advanced learner may come across. I particularly found the structured layout to be of benefit, as it allows the reader to quickly identify any particular aspect of grammar/i3rab about which you may have doubts, and read more deeply into the subject. A must have for anyone serious about improving degree-level Arabic.

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