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What is the Islamic name of the Final Day?

There are many names in Islam for the Final Day, the Day of Judgement. Here is a list with the Arabic names.

Islam teaches that there will be a Day of Judgement when all humans will be divided between the eternal destinations of Paradise and Hell. On this Last Day the world will be destroyed and Allah will raise all people and Jinns from the graves to be judged.

Until the Day of Judgement, deceased souls remain in their graves awaiting the resurrection. However, they will get a taste of their future destiny.

Those who are checked-in for Hell will suffer in their graves, while those bound for heaven will be in peace during this waiting period.

The resurrection is physical and Muslims believe that Allah will recreate the decayed body.

The Day of Judgement has many names in Islam.

Let’s check the names in the Qur’an, their meaning and how often they occur (last column):

يَوْم الْقِيَامةDay of Resurrection70
الْيَوْم الْآخِرThe Last Day26
الْآخِرةThe Hereafter111
الدَّار الْآخِرةThe Abode of The Hereafter9
يَوْم الْبَعْثThe Day of Resurrection2
يَوْم الْخُرُوجThe Day of Emergence1
الْقَارِعةThe Striking Calamity4
يَوْم الْفَصْلThe Day of Decision, Sorting out6
يَوْم الدِّينThe Day of Recompense10
الصّاخّةThe Deafening Blast1
الطَّامَّة الْكُبْرَىThe Greatest Catastrophe1
يَوْم الْحَسْرةThe Day of Regret1
الْغاشِيةThe Overwhelming [Event]1
الْواقِعةThe Great Event2
يَوْم الْحِسابThe Day of Account4
يَوْم الْوَعِيدThe Day of [carrying out] the Threat1
يَوْم الْآزِفةThe Approaching Day1
يَوْم الْجَمْعThe Day of Assembly3
الْحَاقَّةThe Sure Reality3
يَوْم التَّنَادThe Day of Calling1
يَوْم التَّلَاقThe Day of Meeting1
يَوْم التَّغَابُنThe Day of Mutual Loss and Gain1
يَوْم الْخُلُودThe Day of Eternity1
Table: Names of the Final Day in Islam

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