Arabic for Nerds 2


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A GRAMMAR COMPENDIUM. ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 will improve your understanding of written Arabic dramatically. It helps you to achieve your final goal: the superior level (C2).

Have you been in the following situation? You know every single word in an Arabic sentence, but you don’t have a clue what the sentence is all about? The painful reason is: you don’t understand the grammar.

This book aims to transform grammar, a subject that is hated by many people, into an understandable and enjoyable subject. This is not another boring grammar book. ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 will teach you in an entertaining way how to dissect a sentence, how to identify the function of letters, words, and syntax – in short: the I’rab. The author has compiled 450 interesting questions that mainly deal with Arabic grammar (nahw).

Imagine pushing entire sentences into an MRI machine. After we have examined the structure, we put single words under a microscope. Eventually we will know how sentences work or why they don’t work.

This book is thoughtfully structured to guide you through

  • the jungle of case endings
  • playing with word order
  • understanding fine points of Classical and Modern Standard Arabic,
  • and how to avoid common mistakes.

ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 is a grammar compendium. It gives you all the tools that you need to properly analyze any Arabic sentence – no matter if it is taken from a children’s book or the Holy Qur’an.

Every Arabic sentence is fully vowelled (Tashkeel) and translated into English.

It is specifically intended for advanced learners.

In case you are not able or don’t want to buy the book on amazon, try The Bookdepository (worldwide shipping) or Barnes and Noble.