Arabic for Nerds 1


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FILL THE GAPS. Arabic for Nerds 1 will push you from the intermediate to the advanced level.

Gerald Drißner has been collecting interesting facts about Arabic grammar, vocabulary and expressions, hints and traps for almost ten years. Finally he has compiled them to a book: Arabic for Nerds.

This book should fill a gap. There are plenty of books about Arabic for beginners, but it is difficult to find good material for intermediate students.

This book is suitable for readers who have been studying Arabic for at least two years. Readers should have a sound knowledge of vocabulary (around 3000 words) and know about tenses, verb moods and plurals.

If a student wants to reach an advanced level, it is not about learning vocabulary lists – it is about understanding the fascinating core of Arabic.

Arabic for Nerds doesn’t teach vocabulary, nor are there exercises. This book explains how Arabic works and gives readers hints in using and understanding the language better. Since most of the Arabic words are given in translation, the reader should be able to read this book without a dictionary.

This is what Arabic for Nerds is all about. It is specifically intended for intermediate learners.

In case you are not able or don’t want to buy the book on amazon, try The Bookdepository (worldwide shipping) or Barnes and Noble.