Content Ad

5,00  ex. VAT: 5,00 

Plus 19% VAT

Content ads are a good way to attract readers. The ad will be displayed randomly. If you wish to place it at a specific position, feel free to contact me.

This content doesn’t have to be an actual ad, but can be simple information, a subscription form or other content you want people to see and react on.


Available ad types

  • Plain Text and Code
  • Image Ad

You will be able to submit the ad content after the purchase.

Buy credit for a certain number of showing the ads to users (impressions). When the credit is finished, the ad won’t be shown anymore. You can check the number of impressions on your dashboard.

We sell advertising space on our Arabic for Nerds page. You can reserve the space here directly and then upload the advertisement – as a graphic, HTML snippet or JavaScript. You will receive the upload link after the purchase. If there are problems with the implementation and we do not come to a solution, you will, of course, get a full refund.

If you have special advertising formats or placement requests, please send us a message. We are sure to find a solution.

Furthermore, you can tell me if you want me to display the ad on specific posts/pages or on articles which feature certain topics (keywords, etc.)

Note: If you prefer another way, e.g., a fixed amount of money for a certain number of days, please contact me.