Online keyboards

These virtual keyboards work with every operating system – you just need a browser and don’t have to install an extension or add-on.

If you only occasionally need Arabic letters, for example, to google things, a virtual keyboard should do the job.

Google Ta3reeb

You can write with English letters and the text will be automatically converted into Arabic script.

You can also install add-ons for Chrome and Android on the website.

screenshot google input tools –

Try it out here


You can access it here

Desktop: Google Chrome extensions

There are some handy extensions for Internet browsers.

Google Input Tools

With Google Input Tools, you can easily type in Arabic – using Latin characters or, if you have a tablet, using your handwriting.

You can install Google Input Tools in the Chrome Webstore.

Get it on the Chrome Webstore

You can choose your preferred input methods – for Arabic, you have three options.

This is how it works: You type in English/Latin letters and the extension converts it instantly into Arabic.

Yamli Chrome extension

Yamli used to be the first and best extensions to type in Arabic (see below) – if you want to use Latin/English characters. I don’t think that the extension will be maintained in future, but it still works.

Get it on the Chrome Webstore

Arabic Keyboard Online

This extension is for people you don’t want to write with English characters, but prefer to hit an Arabic letter. It works quite well.

This is the keyboard you get if you install the Chrome extension.

Get it on the Chrome Webstore


Yamli has been a great help before virtual keyboards were invented.

You can access it here

The story behind Yamli: In July 2006, the war in Lebanon had started. Habib Haddad was looking for news about the war online. Without access to an Arabic keyboard (I guess he was living in the USA), Haddad had difficulties finding information in Arabic.

Along with co-founder Imad Jureidini, he founded Language Analytics LLC in July 2007 – and developed yamli.

Mobile phones: Android

Swiftkey (beta)

SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard app developed by TouchType for Android and iOS devices. SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type. The company was purchased by Microsoft.

Good for Arabic? Yes, Swiftkey works very smoothly.

How can I get diacritical signs (tashkeel)? Press the letter ظ and you will get all diacritical signs such as Damma, Kasra, Nunation, etc.

Get it here:

Gboard Google Standard

Google is constantly improving its own keyboard.

Good for Arabic? Yes, Gboard works very well.

How can I get diacritical signs (tashkeel)? Press the . (full stop sign) to get the diacritical marks.

Get it here

Noon Keyboard

This keyboard for Android is based on Yamli. I haven’t tried it myself, but some people told me it works pretty well.

Get it here

Physical Arabic Keyboards (hardware)

I personally use a physical/hardware USB keyboard as I am used to type in Arabic. If you set up a keyboard shortcut to switch between keyboard layouts, mixing English and Arabic becomes very easy.

Remark: It is easy to add a new keyboard layout. If you don’t know how to do it, here are instructions for Windows and for Mac users.

German – Arabic keyboard (qwertz)

The best place to buy an Arabic keyboard is ebay. You can get one for 8.98 Euros plus 4.99 Euros shipping = 13,97 Euros.

Arabische Tastatur mit deutschem Layout (QWERTZ).

For German speaking countries You can buy it on Ebay (July 2019).

English – Arabic keyboard (qwerty)

There are many offers for Arabic keyboards in the UK (also on, however, you may have difficulties to find a good and fair-priced keyboard in the USA.

United Kingdom Dell Keyboard Arabic-English for 19.99 British Pounds.

USA Unfortunately, Arabic keyboards are pretty expensive.

International (BUT NOT USA) Wireless QWERTY Arabic-English keyboard on ebay. The seller ships worldwide.

Arabic – English keyboard available at ebay (but not in the USA).

Excursus: What is Arabizi?

In the early years of the internet, before we had virtual keyboards on our phones and tablets, it was tricky to type in Arabic. So people used Latin (English) characters and developed a weird kind of writing which is still used in Arabic dialects.

This type of writing is often called Arabizi (عربيزي), Arabglish , Arabglizi, Arabish, or Franco-Arabic. The English alphabet is used and enriched by numbers for all the sounds and letters that are typical for Arabic.

Arabic lettersEnglish lettersTransliteration
ء أ ؤ إ ئ آ‎2‘ (glottal stop)
خ5 or 7′kh
ص‎9 or sS
ض‎d dh or 9′D
ط‎6 or tT
ظ‎z or th or dh or 6′DH
غ‎gh or 3′gh
ق2 or g or 8 or 9 or qq

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