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cropped evening 1

Final Aleph in Arabic: مَساءًا or مَساءً – What is correct?

A final Aleph (ألف) in Arabic to express the accusative case (منصوب) can be tricky. Where do you put it on a final Hamza (همزة)? Here are the rules.

Last updated: May 2, 2021

The expression means “in the evening”. Our question is about the correct spelling of the ending: With an Aleph at the end – or not

First of all, it is necessary to write the تَنْوِين above the هَمْزة, but do you also need an additional Alif (ا) after it?

Let’s have a look at similar examples to understand the problem:

 with Alephmeaning, explanationrootexamp.
1yes a piece; a portion

If the word functions as a direct object (مَنْصُوب), it is written like this: جُزْءًا

For example: I want a piece.
2noin winter

The root literally means: to spend the winter. The ء belongs to the root. It was originally a و that was transformed to a ء

  in the eveningمسومَساءً

The rules for writing the final Aleph

  1. If there is an Aleph before the هَمْزة, you don’t write an Aleph after the هَمْزة if the word is in the مَنْصُوب–case.
  2. If there is no Aleph before the هَمْزة, like in the word جُزْء, you write an Aleph after it. Why? The هَمْزة is part of the root!

Still thirsty for grammar?

Picture credit: Image by karla31 from Pixabay 

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