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Car Magnet (white): To the Arabis, it is all soap

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Add a custom touch to your car with these personalized car magnets that stick to any metal surface thanks to the magnetic backing. The front is made of highly durable and weather-resistant vinyl, so your magnet will stay pristine even when exposed to direct sunlight.


About the proverb:

  • Arabic: كله عند العرب صابون
  • Pronunciation: “Kullu ʿand el-ʿArab Saboun”
  • Literal meaning: All of it (i.e., various types of soap), as far as the Arabs (bedouins) are concerned, is (just) soap.
  • Meaning: It is all the same thing to those who know nothing.
    The proverb applies to the ignorant person who does not differentiate between one thing and another thing, and what is meant by Arabs here are the Bedouins, that is, the inhabitants of the desert. This saying expresses that the Arabs use everything that takes the place of soap and do not differentiate, and it is said to those who do not differentiate between close things.


  • Materials: white vinyl with black magnetic backing .: Available in 3 different sizes .: White base and matte finish .: All-weather durable
  • Please note: white base might show through design (especially dark designs)

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