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arabic script

A list of special Arabic letters and signs for Word and LibreOffice

Arabic keyboards lack many important special characters. Here is a list of the most important characters and signs which you can copy and paste.

Last updated: August 27, 2021

An Arabic keyboard helps a lot if you want to write in Arabic. Nevertheless, not all Arabic letters and symbols that you may need are on an Arabic keyboard. Especially the dagger aleph or superscript aleph (Arabic: ألف خنجرية‎ – aleph khanjarīyah) above certain letters (لٰكِنَّ) is missing.

Case and mood markers, if they are to stand alone, are difficult to display. And also Persian letters with three dots are not on it. Not to speak of abbreviations like pbuh (ﷺ), which Muslims use when talking about the Prophet.

The good news is that most standard fonts (Arial, DejaVu Sans, Noto Sans) recognize these characters. They can be inserted with so-called unicodes.

What is a unicode?

The Unicode Standard provides a unique number for every character, no matter what platform, device, application or language.

Your computer or phone can only process numbers. It stores letters and other characters by assigning a number for each one. Before Unicode, there were dozens of different systems which were used to assign these numbers. They are called character encoding. You may know that term from your browser or email program.

Special Arabic characters and signs (Unicode)

In the following table you see the most important and most common special characters of Arabic that are not listed on your keyboard: letters with dagger aleph, the abbreviation for the Islamic calendar (Hijri date), isolated tashkeel symbols, the most used Islamic eulogy ,etc.

How to use it: Mark and copy the sign you need and paste it in any program such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice or your email program. You can also sort the table or search for a certain letter or term.

U+060D؍date separator
U+061F؟question mark
U+066Eٮba' (ب) dotless
U+066Fٯqaf (ق) dotless
U+0671ٱaleph wasla (ألق وصل)
U+0674ٴhamza (همزة) high
U+06AFگgaf (Persian letter pronounced as g in girl)
U+06BAںnun (ن) dotless
U+06BEھha' (ه), isolated, used to mark Islamic Hijri dates.
U+06C8ۈwaw (و) with dagger aleph (ألف خنجرية‎)
U+FB56peh, a Persian letter, sometimes used to mark "p"
U+FB58peh, initial form
U+FB59peh, middle
U+FE77fatha (فتحة), isolated
U+FE79damma (ضمة), isolated
U+FE7Bkasra (كسرة), isolated
U+FE71fatha (فتحة), tanween (تنوين)
U+FE7Dshadda (شدة), isolated
U+FE7Fﹿsukuun (سكون), isolated
U+FDFAUsed after mentioning the name of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad: صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ‎ - blessings of God be upon him and grant him peace (pbuh)
U+FC5Bdhal with dagger aleph (ألف خنجرية‎)
U+FC5Cra' with dagger aleph (ألف خنجرية‎)
U+FCD9ha' with dagger aleph (ألف خنجرية‎)
U+FC5Daleph maqsura (ألف مقصورة)
U+FDF2Allah (الله)
U+FC63shadda (شدة) with dagger aleph (ألف خنجرية‎)

You can download the full list of Arabic unicode characters from the unicode.org website.

Arabic vowel (diacritical) signs – shortcuts for the keyboard

If you have an Arabic keyboard, you can produce the most important vowel signs with a shortcut:

Sukuun SHIFT + x Shadda SHIFT + tilde key or ^ (very top left)
small one damma SHIFT + e dammateen SHIFT + r
fatha SHIFT + q small fatha tanween SHIFT +w
small one kasra SHIFT + a small kasra tanween SHIFT +s

Any thoughts or ideas about this? Leave a reply!

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