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How do you convert a Gregorian year to Hijri?

The Islamic calendar (Hijri) is a lunar calendar. It started in 622 CE. With a simple formula, it is easy to convert dates.

Last updated: 3 months ago

I myself often had the problem of converting Hijri years quickly and easily into the year notation common in the West. An exact conversion is not that easy; for everyday use, a good approximation is usually sufficient, which can be achieved with a formula that is easy to remember.

Meaning of Hijri

The name هِجْرة (hijrah) describes the migration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from to in June 622 CE. This also marks the beginning of the Islamic or (lunar) Hijri-calendar, so called التَّقْوِيم الهِجْرِيّ الْقَمَرِيّ

The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar and doesn't follow a sol­ar system like the Gregorian or Persian calendar.

Normally, in Arabic, it is marked by the letter ھ. It is written in the form that it has at the beginning of the word (ھ) – and not the stand-alone form: ه.

I am not sure why; maybe so it is not confused with the number 5. The Gregorian or Christian calendar is marked by the Arabic let­ter م meaning: مِيلادِيّ, A.D.

So let us come back to our question:

Which (Gregorian) year is, for example, 1435 Hijri? First of all, one lunar year has about 354 days. A Gregorian year has 365 days; however, there are also leap years (366 days) which are also used as a correction faction.

Hence, if you want to find the correct corresponding date, it is nothing but trivial. There are many things to keep in mind.

The easiest way to convert dates is to use a corrective factor (354 di­vided by 365) ≈ 0.97. If you remember that, you can quickly use it with your mobile calculator or even by a calculation on paper.

WATCH OUT: It will give you an approximate number (year). The result is not 100% correct, as indicated in the sign ≈, but the result will be very close to the correct year.

A formula

HIJRI TO GREGORIAN: If you want to convert a Hijri date to a Gregorian date, you need to multiply the original Hijri year by 0.97 and add 622:

Year Gregorian ≈ Year Hijri × 0.97 + 622

GREGORIAN TO HIJRI: If you want to convert a Gregorian date to a Muslim date, you have to subtract 622 from the year and multiply it by 1.03:

Year Hijri ≈ (Year Gregorian– 622) × 1.03

In our example, the result is: 1435 x 0.97 + 622 = 2013.95

It is the year: 2014

Convert your date online

To convert a date, please enter it below in the abbrevated format dd-mm-yyy (day-month-year). For example, February 15, 2024 would be 15-02-2024. Please also enter the calendar format of the date. When you click the button, you will see the converted date as the result (i.e. the other format).

Note: We use the API from aladhan.com for the conversion.

Other tools to convert Hijri dates

Many websites offer tools to convert dates. I can recommend the following two:

Are you interested in history? Then check out these articles:

picture credit: Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

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Nizar Ahemad
Nizar Ahemad
1 year ago

The above content is good & helpful… Thank you

When you want to update GCC country documents like ID, driving license, or business documents, we need to update the date to Arabic (Islamic date). Save the link below to easily convert dates to an Arabic calendar. Also, you can convert dates from Arabic to English.

Arabic date converter, Islamic date converter 


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