You can easily emphasize a اِسْم by just adding the corresponding personal pronoun in its normal form after the اِسْم which you want to focus on.

This form is called ضَمِير الْفَصْلas it separates the subject from the predicate and provides some space in between.

Let us look at some examples.

It is Khalid who sits there.

خالِد هُوَ الْجالِسُ هُناكَ

The engineers were the ones responsible for the success of the project.

كانَ الْمُهَنْدِسُونَ هُم الْمَسْؤُولِينَ عَنْ نَجاحِ الْمَشْرُوعِ

I have done my duty.

قُمْتُ أَنا بالْواجِبِ

He wrote the lesson himself.

كَتَبَ هُوَ الدَّرْسَ

Do you know how to use personal pronoun as direct objects – in the accusative case? They do look different.

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