If you celebrate Christmas or need to buy gifts for loved ones, you will know the problem. It is quite difficult to find unique presents related to Arabic.

I’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for Arabic nerds and geeks. No matter what your budget is, there is something to fit into it. These gifts, of course, work for any occasion and not only Xmas.

The brand new 6th (!) edition of HANS WEHR – German only

The Corona Year has also produced some good things: A NEW HANS WEHR!

Hans Wehr is a great dictionary for Standard Arabic, however, it was simply completely outdated. That is going to change now! The German publisher Harrassowitz is going to release a brand new upgraded 6th edition in GERMAN in December 2020.

Lorenz Kropfitsch, an Austrian-born Arabist and specialist on lexicography, went through the outdated content and updated and upgraded “The Wehr”. It is very tragic that Lorenz Kropfitsch passed away unexpectedly in January 2020 in the age of 73, shortly after he had made the last corrections to his database.

Just two downsides: The German publisher uses a smaller script which makes it more difficult to read, and the price is very high: around 100 Euros.

Hans Wehr 6. Auflage

A beautiful calligraphy by Yehia Molden

Yehia is one of my favorite designers. He often uses geometrical shapes for Arabic letters. Even without knowing Arabic, his designs are beautiful.

If you are not sure what it means, some hints (from top left to bottom right):
1: رام الله (Ramallah)
2: بشرب القمر (drinking the moon) – one of his first designs
3: عشق (passionate love)
4: شايف البحر شو كبير (Do you see how big the sea is)
5: فلسطين (Palestine)

Note: Yehia doesn’t have a web store. You should contact him directly on Instagram and ask him how you could obtain one of his designs and which form he suggests.

Where can you get it? You should contact the designer personally and ask him how to get the designs. Here is the link to his Instagram page!

The Arabic language calendar 2021 – German only

This Arabic language calendar 2021 is unique in the German-speaking world.

The tear-off calendar presents dialogues, idioms, proverbs or quotations, short grammar or vocabulary exercises as well as facts worth knowing about regional studies.

The calendar gives the Hijra year as well as the Islamic, Aramaic and Western names of the months in the calendar.

Good to know You can get it on amazon.de for 13,99 Euros.

Mugs to show off you know Arabic

Square Kufic (خَطُّ كُوفِيٌّ مُرَبَّعٌ) uses the most basic forms of the Arabic letters. It is a precursor to pixel art – although it was invented and applied hundreds of years ago in Islamic architecture in tiles and bricks.

You can choose from two different designs:

  • The word Muhammad in Arabic (محمد)
  • Sura 2:255 (Throne verse)

Mugs with rare Arabic verb forms (11 to 15)

A must-have for nerds, geeks, and people who like Arabic. Nerdy Arabic verbs of rare forms XI to XV (11 to 15): handwritten Arabic verb including a unique hand-drawn illustration of the meaning.

An Arabic TV subscription for one year

You don’t need to live in the Arab world or install a huge satellite dish on your roof to watch Arabic TV. You simply need a fast internet connection.

I have tested many streaming providers. PupilHD worked very well in my case. It offers packages and subscriptions at fair prices and the streaming quality is excellent and the service is very reliable!

Please be sure that it works and do a test run. One month costs 5 Euros (~ 6 USD). If you subscribe for one year, you get the package for 50 Euros (60 USD).

There is only one thing you have to do: you have to write a card, describe the gift and put it under the Christmas tree – from pupilHD you only get an e-mail…

Where can you get it? You can buy the packages on https://pupilhd.com

Pupil hd
Screenshot pupilhd.com


Language unrelated: non-fiction books

Understanding Libya Since Gaddafi by Ulf Laessing

2020 was gray and pretty depressing. So, I am not sure if you really want to end this crazy year with quite a depressing book that is definitely not a happy read. But if you want to understand what is going on in Libya since Muammar el-Gaddafi, get this book. It is packed with historical facts and personal anecdotes – things you can’t find on the internet simply because only very few people had and have access to Libya. Ulf Laessing is one of them.

Ulf Laessing is Reuters’ bureau chief for Egypt and Sudan. He has reported on Libya since 2011 and was one of the few foreign correspondents reporting from Tripoli between 2013 and 2015.


Recommending Matthew Aldrich‘s books (Lingualism) is a no-brainer. Matthew publishes amazing material on Arabic dialects. Recently, he has published the Egyptian Arabic Readers series. The fifteen books in the series are at a similar level (B1-B2) and can be read in any order. You will find a text with Tashkeel, an English translation and an audio file – a perfect reading for a Sunday afternoon.

Where can you get it? Go to lingualism for the ebook version. Go to amazon if you prefer the paperback edition.

Arabic grammar

Arabic for Nerds by Gerald Drißner

Okay, that is my book. Nevertheless, many people have told me that it worked out as a gift quite well 😉

Do you know any other gift ideas for Arabic nerds and Arabic students? Feel free to use the comment section below and add your suggestions.

Picture credits: Yehia Molden, Pixabay, Gerald Drißner

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  1. Thanks for Arabisch Sprachkalender tip. I use it daily to renew my Arabic and German language as well. It was a perfect gift from me to me 😀

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