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A few days ago I got a message from a friend (Ulric): “I’ve gotten into the habit of reading while listening, which I feel strengthens both skills at once.”

He told me about a great resource:

It is a remarkable collection of free audiobooks of classical Arabic literature, read extremely professionally and with excellent sound quality. “It also assists with reading where there are words where the i3raab isn’t clear,” Ulric said.

screenshot of

I hadn’t heard about it, so I checked it out….


The website is free although you do need to register an account with an email address.

You can find almost all famous authors such as Nagib Mahfuz or Taha Hussein. But there are also many audiobooks of contemporary authors such as the novel Azazeel (عزازيل) by Youssef Ziedan. (Note: There is also an English translation available.)

You can listen to the novel Azazeel on

What is the novel about? Set in the 5th century AD, Azazeel is the exquisitely crafted tale of a Coptic monk’s journey from Upper Egypt to Alexandria and then Syria during a time of massive upheaval in the early Church. Winner of the Arab Booker Prize, Azazeel highlights how the history of our civilization has been warped by greed and avarice since its very beginnings and how one man’s beliefs are challenged not only by the malice of the devil, but by the corruption with the early Church.

Who is behind
Abbass Abbass is suffering from a disease of the retina – he cannot tell a person’s skin color, eye color, or hair color. He recognizes people by their voices. During the day he can only see half a meter ahead, he told in interviews. At night he cannot see at all.

Abbass has studied law and wanted to work as a human rights researcher. But then, he decided to work against the daily discrimination people with disabilities feel every day. Some years ago, he founded “AlManarah” – The Association for Arab Persons with Disabilities.

It is based in Nazareth, Israel, where many Arabic speaking people live.

AlManarah is running the world’s only online library of audiobooks in Arabic:

There are almost 5,000 (!) titles listed. You can listen to them via the website ( or by using a FREE app on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

You can get it here:

The association offers its service for FREE!

Many thanks for such a great work!

In fact, it is aimed at people with disabilities. So please consider donating to this great service to keep it running!

Other tools and websites you may wanna check out:


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