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Reading about Arabic grammar is usually as thrilling as reading telephone directories. Gerald Drißner uses a new approach: Every week, he will pick an interesting question drawing from his years of studies in the Arab world to create a colourful journey into Arabic grammar.

If you want to reach an advanced level, it is not about learning vocabulary lists - it is about understanding the fascinating core of Arabic. This is what this newsletter is all about. It is specifically intended for advanced learners and for anyone who has studied al-Madinah or al-Kitaab. The newsletter is free of charge!

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Most of the questions are taken from the author's book "Arabic for Nerds" - 270 Questions on Arabic Grammar.

October 2015, 462 pages
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ISBN-13: 978-1517538385

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Gerald Drißner (Drissner)

born 1977 in a mountain village in Austria, is an economist and award-winning journalist. He has been living in the Middle East and North Africa for ten years, where he has intensively studied Arabic. He is the author of Islam for Nerds.

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